Europe, populists and the holy spirit

Strike leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner, state president: Lech Walesa turns 75 this Saturday. In the interview, he talks about populism, migration and the role of the Catholic Church in social change.

Call for acceptance of more refugees

Italy and France have set up humanitarian corridors for Syrian war refugees. In Poland, the initiative of the Catholic Church has so far failed because of the government. The latter fears otherwise a "social catastrophe".

His supporters affectionately call him "Tet Kale" – bald head – in the Haitian national language Kreol. Haiti’s future president, Michel Martelly, won the March runoff election by a landslide. Martelly has no political experience. As "Sweet Micky" he became popular throughout the country in Haiti. There are doubts about his democratic convictions.

Pinera considered favorite to succeed bachelet

In any case, Chileans know what to expect: The challenger to the head of government has also been at the helm before. Neither could solve the indigenous conflict. Even a papal visit could fuel it.

In memorial hour for Nazi victims, historian Saul Friedlander ies strong warning against anti-Semitism and nationalism. The Holocaust survivor sees Germany today as a bulwark against the dangers to humanity and freedom.

On International Migrants Day this Friday On International Migrants Day this Friday, the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Cologne recalled the fate of Kosovo refugees in Germany. Berlin is allowed to keep the 14.000 people could not be sent back, said Kai Diekelmann, head of refugee and foreign aid, in an interview with this site.

this site: Why does this deportation so often affect Kosovo Albanians??

Diekelmann: One should first distinguish and say: those who were recruited decades ago as foreign workers from the former Yugoslavia do not have to return now; as a rule, they have a permanent right of residence here or, in some cases, have even taken German citizenship. People who fled the civil war between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo in the 1990s should now return to Kosovo. Nationwide these are 14.000 people who have not been granted asylum here, because civil war is not a reason for asylum; they have only received temporary protection. The moment the situation in the country of origin has improved again and a return is reasonable, they have to go back. However, one will have to ask critically whether one can really speak of reasonableness, because some of the people have been here for 12 years and have long had their center of life here. Caritas says no, after five years of residence in Germany at the latest, the state should no longer force people to leave the country. It is clear to all experts that the Kosovar government will not take care of these people

Benno Furmann in the feature film "Volt" © Felix Gemein

Actor Benno Furmann plays a police officer in the near future who kills a fugitive and can’t cope with his guilt in the gloomy feature film Volt. In an interview, he talks about social responsibility.