IG Metall has expanded its warning strikes. At midnight, the employees at Bosch and Siemens in Bavaria began the strike. At the Daimler plant in Dusseldorf, the entire night shift walked off the job. Metalworkers nationwide to participate in the course of the day.

Employers, meanwhile, called on the union to take into account the situation in the industry, which has been exacerbated by the financial crisis and downturn. Nationwide, around 3.6 million people work in the industry. The head of IG Metall in the traditional pilot district of Baden-Wurttemberg, Jorg Hofmann, announced widespread warning strikes throughout the southwest this week. He told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" that "a great many colleagues will take part in the warning strikes, everywhere in the Landle, in an increasing wave". In North Rhine-Westphalia, 55 plants are to go on strike on Monday, including Daimler's Sprinter plant in Dusseldorf. Strikes are then to be organized in around 190 other plants on Tuesday. More work stoppages to follow until Friday.

"This minus offer is an insult"

For the first time since its inauguration in 1880, Cologne Cathedral is the main actor in an impressive production. The world-famous landmark will receive a tribute this evening in the form of the play "The Cologne Cathedral Play. In the this site interview, Michael Batz, the author of the piece, reveals the story and how he used it to convince those in charge of the cathedral of the idea as well.

this site: How did you get the idea for the mystery play??

Batz: The idea came up when the now still acting mayor Fritz Schramma was in Hamburg years ago. He has looked at the "Everyman. He was so enthusiastic that he wanted such an "Everyman" in Cologne, too. I told him at the time: Mr. Schramma, leave it alone. I write you something new. Do something that is new in Cologne and that only really finds its place in Cologne as something unmistakable. They make an "Everyman" everywhere by now.And that took a while. But now in the context of the congress "Foundation living city" is finally given the opportunity to do that. And it's now a story that deals with Cologne Cathedral in a way that obviously hasn't happened before. Namely a kind of scenic meditation. What actually happens to us? To us, who also carry beasts within us? Isn't it the other way round that the beasts, which are carved in stone up there, perhaps also have something human in them? And it is then a modern fairy tale. It is a contemporary play that will be performed in front of the south portal.

Europe, according to Bishop Dr. Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst to reare himself of his roots and to tap into these very own sources of strength anew. At the diocesan day of the association "Community of Catholics in Business and Administration" (KKV) on Saturday in Limburg, the bishop made it clear that Europe needs more than a common currency and economy.

Inglorious career

Man in handcuffs © Uli Deck

Improper use: a monastic aperitif from Buckland Abbey in southern England is making an inglorious career in Scotland. As the BBC broadcaster reports, it is often consumed by Scottish criminals before committing crimes.

In the inner sanctum of archaeology

300 sites are excavated in Israel every year. The finds, an estimated 40 annually.000, are stored centrally in an inconspicuous hall in Beit Shemesh. A site visit to the paradise of archaeology enthusiasts.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has defended his government's plans for human embryonic stem cell research against criticism. Brown wrote in the London Sunday newspaper "The Observer" immediately before a new parliamentary vote on the planned liberalization of the law that he had great respect for all those who had reservations about parts of the bill out of religious conviction. Britain, however, the head of government affirmed, must retain its role at the forefront of this research.

This Monday and Tuesday, members of the British House of Commons will once again debate and vote on individual parts of the amended Embryo Act. Among other things, the bill would allow the creation of human-animal embryos for research purposes, allow artificial insemination for lesbian women and shorten the current legal time limit for abortion. Only on Thursday, MPs in the House of Commons had voted in favor of further consideration of the bill in Parliament by 262 votes in favor and 78 against.

Bishops: Research limited to adult stem cells

Fight against populism in europe

Pope Francis has called on EU leaders to fight populism in Europe. These movements are "blossoms of egoism" said Francis at a meeting with top politicians at the Vatican.

First Communion © CBA

Many young people celebrate their First Communion today – on White Sunday. Where this name comes from and the importance of textiles in the Church, we were able to talk with an expert on historical fabrics.

It was the furious finale before a lengthy hiatus. The closing service of the "Pueri Cantores" festival was one of the last great masses in Wurzburg's St. Kilian's Cathedral. One week later, the cathedral closes – for the next 16 months.

The church, which was destroyed in the war and rebuilt in 1967, will be completely renovated inside. The door does not open again, in keeping with the church year, until 1. Advent 2012. Hundreds of meters of cable for a new electrical installation will be laid, heating and floor will also have to be replaced. Above all, however, the interior of the cathedral is getting a new color. It should become brighter, says the art consultant of the diocese, Jurgen Lenssen. The aim is to achieve a uniform appearance that no longer distinguishes between the various Romanesque and Baroque parts of the house of God. An area the size of three soccer fields is being scaffolded for this purpose.

Complex are the ies around funding, which the state and church have to share. But who pays for which meter of renovation is not so easy to determine. The baroque decoration does not count as part of the building load, except for those stuccos that are framed by baroque surfaces and applied directly to the walls. In any case, the diocesan art consultant Jurgen Lenssen already wishes the person who will have to capture this. "We're talking about every little frame here," he quips. "Perhaps we get then as with Stift Haug a subsequent demand of 175 euros."

From emergency aid to integration work

A volunteer talking to refugees © Thilo Schmulgen

In the beginning, enthusiastic parishioners collected toys and used clothes. In the meantime, many church initiatives to help refugees have become astonishingly professional.