He goes as far as he can toward protestants

Host bowl © Stefano Dal Pozzolo/Romano Siciliani (KNA)

Words of confidence: according to Lutheran ecumenical bishop Karl-Hinrich Manzke, the recent debate on Eucharistic hospitality between Catholics and Protestants cannot stop ecumenical rapprochements.

Promote, demand, control refugees

Integration law is on its way © Harald Tittel

The Federal Cabinet has launched the Federal Republic’s first integration law. It is an overall package with many regulations under the heading "Promote and demand". The regulations at a glance:

It's a matter of survival

Elephants in particular need the most protection worldwide. Government representatives, traders and environmentalists from 168 countries are discussing endangered species – which also have implications for humans – at the U.N. Conference on Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Family reunion of refugees © Swen Pfortner

Aid organizations call for relaxation of family reunification for refugees. Pro Asyl pleaded to lift the suspension of family reunification for so-called subsidiary protected refugees and to speed up reunification.

After indictment of concentration camp secretary

Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site © Rolf E. Staerk (shutterstock)

The International Auschwitz Committee criticizes failures of German justice in dealing with Nazi criminals. Charges had been brought too lateand many perpetrators had been able to live unencumbered, unlike the victims.

Religious hatred breeds destruction and violence

Chile, Santiago: A statue of a saint burns after protesters set fire to the church of San Francisco de Borja. © Esteban Felix/AP

The international Catholic relief organization "Aid to the Church in Need" has condemned the violent attacks on churches in Santiago de Chile. Two houses of worship there were attacked, vandalized and set on fire by protesters on Sunday.

A warning voice and moral authority

New synagogue in Berlin © Karin Wollschlager (KNA)

Moral authority, important companion in public debates and admonishing voice: Politicians have paid tribute to the Central Council of Jews on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. This Tuesday, the organization celebrates its anniversary with a ceremony.

20 nuclear bombs have been stored at the airbase in Buchel, Palatinate, since the Cold War. The church wants to send a signal against nuclear weapons through a day of action. Margot Kabmann is also on site.

Is eternal damnation not too harsh?

Lucifer was created by God and was with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. There he has made himself guilty of the sin to want to be like God. Because of this unique sin, he and his followers are eternally damned. Isn’t eternal damnation too harsh because of a single sin?? Why doesn’t he get a second chance? Couldn’t all the suffering of the Menscheid by the seduction of the outcast Lucifer to evil have been avoided if Lucifer and his followers had been given a second chance before the creation of mankind? Shouldn’t the followers of Lucifer have been punished more mildly, because they were only "followers"?? (Nit E.)

More harm than good

Archbishop Ludwig Schick © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

The new Vatican document on parish reforms and the role of the laity also preoccupies the German pastors. Bamberg Bishop Ludwig Schick regrets the instruction from Rome. It would have been better not to publish this.