Kurt Beck reacted indignantly to the question of power. "It’s about a difficult question of content and not about this downright harebrained classification right, left, above, below, in front, behind," the SPD leader said. It was "nonsensical" to debate whether one wing had prevailed. It was 0.40 a.m. Monday morning, Beck had previously spent more than four hours discussing rail privatization with state and district chairmen.

A good year before the increase in the retirement age, the Bundestag is today discussing the opportunities for older workers. Federal Minister of Labor von der Leyen wants to stick to the much-criticized pension at 67. The opposition does not see the preconditions for it given.

Bishops lodge protest

Patient holds cards with images of saints in her hand © Corinne Simon (KNA)

In the Australian state of Australia, a law on assisted suicide has come into force. Catholic bishops protest in the form of a pastoral letter. Criticism and rejection also comes from the medical profession.

He is considered principled, conservative in values – and firmly rooted in his Christian faith. On Tuesday, CDU politician and former Economics Minister Reiner Haseloff will be sworn in as the new Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt. Then, for the first time, an East German Catholic is at the helm of this federal state.

Kiev leadership celebrates 'final independence' from russia

Candles for a solution to the dispute in the Orthodox Church? © Andrey Lomakin (KNA)

The deep rift between Ukraine and Russia is now showing on the field of churches as well. A synod in Kiev broke with the Moscow Patriarchate over the weekend. This will not be accepted there.

Seven-week-old fetus in an amniotic sac © Peter Endig

Conservatives in the U.S. Senate want to further restrict abortions by law and allow abortions after 20. Punishing the first week of pregnancy. But it won’t pass without Democrats’ yes vote.

Campfire, stick bread and missing socks

Children around the campfire at Pentecost camp © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Many children and young people make this weekend again on the way to the Pentecost camp. But what all has to be in the luggage? Scout leader Marc Andre Rosema advises at our site to a look at a checklist.

"If I die, it will be as a martyr." Osama bin Laden is said to have announced that. The terrorist as victim: After his killing by U.S. troops, Western observers fear that the head of the al Qaeda terror network is now being martyred in the Arab world. And that his death should be avenged.