The new church and religion representative of the FDP parliamentary group, Dr. Stefan Ruppert, has in the this site interview demands – also from his own party – to abolish the church tax, clearly rejected. Ruppert: "I am a supporter of the church tax, also in the existing form and insofar there will be no initiatives in this legislative period to change that."

this site: It was not always the case that the Free Democrats looked positively on religious communities in Germany. There were times when FDP party platforms even called for the abolition of religious instruction in schools. That is different now?

Ruppert: Yes, that was a long time ago. Those were our wild 70s, so to speak. In the meantime, our relationship has become much more positive, and of course I'm happy about the process, even as a committed Christian.

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Curing rare diseases is often not profitable. Nevertheless, those affected suffer. Pope Francis has therefore called for increased efforts in the fight against rare and neglected diseases.

Ethical debate

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On Thursday, the Bundestag discussed whether prenatal trisomy blood tests should be paid for by health insurers in the future. The positions of the Protestant and Catholic churches diverge in this regard.

“You can”t buy the leaders of our movement”. With these words, the Catholic Workers” Movement in the Diocese of Augsburg defends itself against being taken over by the Internet retailer Amazon.