Impulses in the corona crisis

Pupils with tablet © shutterstock

Help for the time at home: The Archdiocese of Cologne has provided material for religious education in the Corona crisis on its website. In addition, the Cologne Diocesan Council called a painting competition for children.

The German Bishops’ Conference expressed its solidarity with the people in European countries particularly affected by the Corona pandemic. In these dark hours, they stand side by side, explained the chairman, Georg Batzing.

Cologne city dean Robert Kleine sharply criticizes conspiracy theories at demonstrations against Corona measures. "I would prefer to send these demonstrators to Milan," he stressed angrily.

At the beginning of Lent, Bishop Felix Genn of Munster warns against volkisch and nationalistic tendencies. Openness to the plight of people in other countries is much more purposeful, he says.

The Bishop of Gorlitz Wolfgang Ipolt again invites people in his diocese to observe the Sunday obligation. At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the Catholic bishops in Germany had lifted the Sunday ban.

The Essen Cathedral © Ilija Ascic (shutterstock)

As the first Catholic bishop in North Rhine-Westphalia, Essen’s Chief Shepherd Franz Josef Overbeck leaves it up to his parishes to forego Christmas services during the Corona crisis. In case of doubt, public celebrations should rather be canceled.

For the president of the Diakonie, Ulrich Lilie, new creativity paired with a "Corona etiquette" is needed in nursing homes. Before easing measures, facilities would first need additional protective clothing.