Is eternal damnation not too harsh?

Is eternal damnation not too harsh?

Lucifer was created by God and was with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. There he has made himself guilty of the sin to want to be like God. Because of this unique sin, he and his followers are eternally damned. Isn’t eternal damnation too harsh because of a single sin?? Why doesn’t he get a second chance? Couldn’t all the suffering of the Menscheid by the seduction of the outcast Lucifer to evil have been avoided if Lucifer and his followers had been given a second chance before the creation of mankind? Shouldn’t the followers of Lucifer have been punished more mildly, because they were only "followers"?? (Nit E.)

Dear Mr. E.,

On the subject of the fall of the angel Lucifer, I can only say what I know from the history of theology, which offers a plausible explanation here. Unlike us humans, angels live in God’s eternity. With us a temporal succession is valid, what we do, we can either confirm later or repent and begin again anew. In eternity "once = always" applies. Therefore also the turning away from God means eternal turning away.

They then ask about the way things are in heaven. Now I cannot give you a clear answer to this, because I have not been there yet either. Nevertheless, heaven is the place of eternal happiness and perfection. There is no more suffering, no more temptation, no more sin, no more death. Nothing of the sort. Whatever the heaven looks like with or without hierarchy there, it will be the perfect happiness for everyone who is there.

In the hope to have served you with it, I remain with cordial greetings,

+Dominic Schwaderlapp

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