Impulses in the corona crisis

Impulses in the corona crisis

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Help for the time at home: The Archdiocese of Cologne has provided material for religious education in the Corona crisis on its website. In addition, the Cologne Diocesan Council called a painting competition for children.

Under the slogan "impulses to the time" find religion teachers and other interested ones on the Internet side of the archdiocese Cologne contents, which argue with the Karwoche and Easter in the current situation, as the archdiocese communicated on Wednesday. A learning unit for after Easter is being planned, he said.

Painting competition for children

In addition, the Cologne Diocesan Council of Catholics called on children to take part in the "Family Wins" painting competition. Children up to the age of twelve could submit pictures of their family’s current situation.

Pictures can be sent by mail until 1. May to [email protected] or by WhatsApp to the number (01 57) 33 13 42 95 be submitted. Winners would be awarded every Friday. More than 60 board games, coloring and handicraft books as well as other games for indoors and outdoors are being offered.

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