“This virus is not a fake, this is serious”

Cologne city dean Robert Kleine sharply criticizes conspiracy theories at demonstrations against Corona measures. "I would prefer to send these demonstrators to Milan," he stressed angrily.

"Then they could see the fresh graves, the overcrowded hospitals and intensive care units. And they could talk to the many mourners who have lost their parents or their children," Kleine said in Cologne.

Italy hit particularly hard by pandemic

"This virus is not a fake, this is serious."Italy is particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Cologne’s city dean is currently planning a partnership between Cologne Cathedral and Milan’s Epiphany of Sant’Eustorgio.

Demonstrations in German cities

In recent days, in several German cities, including Cologne, people had demonstrated against the Corona measures of the federal and state governments. Many of them see their fundamental rights curtailed. The demonstrations were also attended by supporters of conspiracy theories who see behind the crisis a conspiracy of those in power.

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