“Serious setback” for liberal muslims

According to the Protestant theologian Margot Kabmann, the Islamist attack in Vienna is a "serious setback," especially for liberal Muslims. "These terrorists want to strike fear into the free world," she stressed.

"Yes, this is a serious setback, especially for liberal Muslims, because they are once again put on a par with Islamists," Kabmann told the "Zeit" supplement "Christ Welt" (Thursday)

Kabmann is a member of the governing body of the U.N.’s Religions for Peace project. Asked how she intends her work to counter public awareness that the distinction between moderate and radical Muslims is increasingly blurred, she said:

"That is precisely why it is important to show publicly that believers of different religions stand up for peace and abhor violence, and even consider the killing of people to be blasphemy."This is not easy nowadays, "but all the more important".

The former chairwoman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) stressed the need to encourage more open-minded people in religions, while fundamentalist forces said, "The interpretation of my religion is the truth, besides that there is no room."

Recent bloody deeds "shocking, incriminating, appalling"

She said the recent bloodshed in Nice and Paris was "shocking, incriminating, appalling". And this is precisely where dialogue is needed, Kabmann said. Religions as a whole are not innocent, she added. "Religions must be crystal clear that fanaticism, fundamentalism find no space."In the end, it is a question of truth: "Can I tolerate that others find a different truth about God than I do?? Only by saying yes can religions contribute to peace."

In the case of the deadly knife attack in a church in Nice, everything must be done to ensure that religion cannot be used to legitimize hatred and violence. "The liberal forces in religions that are capable of dialogue must ally themselves so that fundamentalists do not define the perception of religion."

Religions must "learn dialogue skills, be able to prove their beliefs are compatible with democracy," he said. Where they try to dominate social ies, where they show themselves to be incapable of talking to the secular world, they continue to lose their future viability," the theologian emphasized.

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