Inglorious career

Inglorious career

Man in handcuffs © Uli Deck

Improper use: a monastic aperitif from Buckland Abbey in southern England is making an inglorious career in Scotland. As the BBC broadcaster reports, it is often consumed by Scottish criminals before committing crimes.

The monks show their sadness. Sheriff Alistair Brown of Glasgow testified in court, according to the report, that there was a "very clear link between Buckfast and violence". Many drink too much of it and then become violent. Strathclyde police told drink is mentioned in thousands of files.

Drink should be taken in small doses

The "Buckfast Tonic Wine" is made by the Benedictine monks in the county of Devon according to a traditional recipe. French monastery founders reportedly brought it from home in the 1880s. The drink, which contains 15 percent by volume, was originally intended as a tonic and, according to the package insert, should be taken in small doses.

Proceeds for the monastery were the equivalent of 10.5 million euros in 2015, according to the report. In recent years, millions have already been invested in the restoration of the site and the construction of visitor facilities. The Daily Mail tabloid sneered in earlier years, "While Buckland monks are up at half past five for a day of prayer, some Buckie drinkers are still in the drunk tank."

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