“We now need a sense of proportion”

For the president of the Diakonie, Ulrich Lilie, new creativity paired with a "Corona etiquette" is needed in nursing homes. Before easing measures, facilities would first need additional protective clothing.

"Without visits, the reality in such inpatient care facilities really looks very different," Lilie said Thursday on Deutschlandfunk radio. A sense of proportion is therefore needed, and it must also be considered how an opening of the nursing homes is possible again. "But I fear that we will still have to live with closed institutions," Lilie said. Crucial, they say, is that there be sufficient protective clothing, protective masks, gloves and disinfectants in care facilities. There is a lot of catching up to do here.

Do not socially isolate the elderly

Under no circumstances should it come to the social isolation of the elderly. "Then just once the younger ones must take into account the older ones," says the president of the deaconry. There were contact possibilities like window visits, walks at a distance, but also protective zones for the elderly were conceivable to him. Protected, but not isolated, because that is not ethically justifiable, that was the statement of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and that goes in the right direction, said Lilie.

According to the president of the Diakonie, people with dementia are particularly at risk, because they often don’t understand protective measures directly and you have to explain them to them very well and often. In addition, people with dementia are easily unsettled when their daily routine is interrupted.

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