“Toward a listening church”

The Catholic Church is looking for ways to better reach people and regain trust. One should orient oneself on Pope Francis, said ZdK President Gluck at the discussion forum in Magdeburg.

The president of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Alois Gluck, sees his church undergoing significant change. "A new, better culture of discussion has emerged," he said Saturday in Magdeburg at the conclusion of the fourth of five planned annual meetings in the so-called discussion process of the Catholic Church. Since the crisis over the abuse scandal in 2010, the Church has been moving forward into a new openness.

Francis as orientation
According to Gluck, it became clear at the meeting of about 300 Catholics in Magdeburg that the church must continue on the path taken by Pope Francis toward a listening and serving church if it wants to make its message understandable to the people. Currently, the church is still perceived as an institution with a claim to power and a tendency to patronize people.

Dialogue processes also after 2015
The Catholic bishops in Germany want to continue their nationwide dialogue on the future of the church, which was launched in 2010, beyond the end of the initiative in 2015. However, the format in which these talks could take place is still open, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, stressed in Magdeburg on Saturday.

Challenges of the secular society
He also explained, "The discussion forum is not a decision-making body, but provides orientation. Outcomes, actions and concrete steps need to be considered now."The Catholic Church is facing a paradigm shift with regard to an increasingly strong secular society.

Words must be followed by deeds
The Catholic reform movement "We are Church" demanded at the end of the Magdeburg meeting: "The talks and announcements must finally be followed by concrete action."Only an early, convincing and people-oriented reform will help to bridge the glaring gap between the traditional church doctrine and the reality of life of the faithful Catholics.

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