The face of the church

Christian saints showed "the true face of the Church" and made her "credible" Pope Benedict told postulators of canonization and beatification proceedings Monday. In recent decades, the religious and cultural interest in Christian saints has increased.

Pope Benedict told postulators, "Saints are usually contagious in their holiness. They respond to the thirst of people today. So there is an ecclesial, but also a social need to keep presenting new models of holiness – and that makes the work of all those involved in beatification and canonization procedures particularly valuable. No matter what their exact role is, they are strictly committed to the truth. That is why in the initial phase of the procedure, at the diocesan level, it is necessary to faithfully collect not only the positive but also the negative material. This objectivity and completeness in the first phase must then of course be matched by the phase of ‘Positiones’ compiled in the Vatican Congregation."Canonizations in the Catholic Kirc In the Catholic Church, canonization is a solemn declaration by the pope of a person’s exemplary Christian life and of his or her definitive welcome to God.After this "canonization", which is carried out during a Eucharistic celebration, the person in question may be venerated worldwide. Canonization is preceded by an ecclesiastical process that goes through several instances. In these cases, it must be proven that miracles have occurred through the intercession of the person or persons concerned. However, this does not apply to people who died as martyrs, i.e. because of their faith.Before canonization there is beatification. With her, only a regional veneration of the Blessed is admitted. In the Church, saints were initially recognized without a formal process. Because there was exaggeration and partisanship, the pope took the matter under advisement. The first person canonized by a pope was Bishop Ulrich of Augsburg in 993.The "Martyrologium romanum", the complete list of saints and blessed of the universal Catholic Church, lists 6 saints.650 named blessed and saints. The most exemplary Christians to date have been canonized by John Paul II. beatified or canonized He created in his pontificate 1.338 blessed and 483 saints. Only scarcely three months after his death the beatification procedure was then opened for himself.

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