Plea against abortions

Plea against abortions

The German Bishops’ Conference backed the "March for Life" in Berlin on Saturday. Cardinal Reinhard Marx thanked the participants for their "unwavering commitment" to protecting human life.

In a welcoming address published on Wednesday, the conference chairman emphasized that the killing of unborn human life is not a "normal" medical service, in view of the debate on the ban on advertising for abortions. Abortion is "fundamentally incompatible with our system of values and law".

The state’s duty to protect human life derives from the conviction enshrined in the Basic Law that the dignity of every human being is inviolable. "This conviction must be redeemed precisely when it is called into question, obscured or abandoned by selfish, sometimes commercial interests," said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising.

Consultation in diaconal services

At the same time, he emphasized that for the church, protecting the unborn child and helping women in crisis situations go hand in hand. In its diaconal services, it therefore offers counseling "that protects the life of the child by providing the mother with comprehensive information and accompaniment".

At the same time, the cardinal urged people to "ask themselves critically whether we are giving pregnant women and expectant parents enough support – as a church and as a society as a whole".

In Berlin, the march to 14. The event is being organized for the 15th time by the "Bundesverband Lebensrecht", a federation of 14 pro-life organizations. The rally will begin at Washingtonplatz near the main train station and end there with an ecumenical service. Last year, according to the organizers, more than 7.500 participants from all over Germany. (KNA)

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