Objectifying the debate

Faced with strong reactions to the report of abuse in the Irish diocese of Cloyne, the Vatican summoned its nuncio Giuseppe Leanza to Rome for consultations. The diplomat was to help prepare an "official response from the Holy See to the Irish government," Vatican spokesman Ciro Benedettini said.

The recall of the ambassador is a rare measure, he said. It marked the "seriousness of the situation," but also the "will of the Holy See to approach it with objectivity and determination". At the same time, the move showed "surprise and regret in the face of some exaggerated reactions," the spokesman said.

Following the publication of the Cloyne Report on 13. In July, Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny attacked the Vatican in an unusually sharp manner. The Holy See had deliberately obstructed investigations into accused clergy; this was still happening in recent years. Kenny questioned the relationship between church and state in Ireland. In recent days, prere on the church leadership has also grown from other politicians in government and opposition, from the ranks of priests, and from renowned theologians.

Necessary objectivity
Parliament and government in Ireland called on the Vatican to comment on the report. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi last week announced a Vatican response "in due course"; however, he did so explicitly in his capacity as head of Vatican Radio, not as head of the press office. At the same time he urged an objectification of the debate. It is desirable that "such dramatic ies be spoken about with the necessary objectivity," Lombardi said.

Dublin’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had spoken with shame about his own church after a parliamentary debate on the role of Catholic leadership in the abuse scandal. In an interview with an Irish broadcaster, he apologized for disregarding the church’s child protection guidelines in Cloyne.

Inquiry report into child abuse in Cloyne diocese contains serious allegations against the Vatican and then-Bishop John Magee. In total, the report investigates allegations against 19 clergymen from 1996 to 2009, including the bishop himself.

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