Muslims move to italy

Muslims move to italy

Burkini wearer © Stephanie Pilick

Due to the burkini ban in force on many French beaches, Muslims are leaving for Italian coasts near the border. In the Ligurian Alassio were on the weekend clearly more bathers in the Burkini at the beaches than otherwise.

This was reported by the Italian daily newspaper "La Stampa". A lifeguard told the newspaper of about 100 Muslim women in burkini among tourists in bikinis and bathing suits. Several Muslims had told him they had come to nearby Alassio because of the ban in France. The Arab princess Nouf Nint Abdullah al Saud recently spent a vacation in the seaside resort.

Italian bishops’ conference against burkini ban

For the mayor of Alassio, Enzo Canepa, a burkini ban on the city’s beaches is out of the question. He is "absolutely against the burqa" in Italy, but at the moment it is important to "reduce tensions" that a burkini ban could increase.

The Italian Bishops’ Conference had also spoken out against a possible burkini ban at the beginning of the debate in Italy. It is a matter of living together with different religions, knowing the customs of other cultures and accepting them as long as they do not endanger security, said Bishop Nunzio Galantino, 68. He respects France’s motives for the ban introduced on some beaches, he said. On Italy this is not however problem-free transferable.

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