Does “plumber joe” decide the choice?

In the U.S. presidential campaign, "Plumber Joe" has become the star of the third and final TV duel between candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Time and again, McCain called Joe Wurzelbacher as a star witness in debate over economic policy. The plumber had earlier exchanged blows with Obama over the Democrat’s tax plans.

According to a poll by the CNN television network, U.S. viewers have chosen Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as the winner of the third and final TV debate with John McCain. According to the poll, 58 percent said Obama had done better. Thirty-one percent of respondents found Republican candidate John McCain more persuasive. A new Knights of Columbus poll finds that there is a consensus among voters to restrict abortion. The Catholic fraternity had conducted the survey of 1700 Americans. The positions of practicing and non-practicing Catholics on a variety of ies were compared.One of the differences is that 59% of practicing Catholics also identify with the pro-life movement, while among non-practicing ones the figure is 29%. Nevertheless, in the question up to which month of pregnancy the abortion can be performed, only 8% decided for an unrestricted abortion on demand. Even among pro-choice responses, 71% call for strict restrictions.Although poll shows Americans would support a pro-life presidential candidate, economic ies are still top priority. The presidential election in the U.S. will be held on 4. November instead.

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