“Do not profile against each other”

Teamwork between Catholics and Protestants is needed. The necessity of close cooperation has now been emphasized by Magdeburg Bishop Gerhard Feige.

In the past, Christians had already moved closer together under certain social conditions, ecumenical bishop Feige told the Evangelical Press Service in Magdeburg. For example, Christians in the GDR – in terms of inter-church relations – were in some ways already a little ahead of the curve, said Feige, who has been chairman of the Ecumenical Commission of the Catholic German Bishops’ Conference since 2012.

Do not jeopardize credibility

"Today, extreme dechurching is bringing us even closer together," Feige told epd. In this context, it is also a question of credibility "not to distinguish ourselves against each other". Many people no longer understand the differences between Protestant and Catholic.

On an ecumenical path

The question of whether Catholics and Protestants are closer today than they were ten years ago, that is, at the beginning of the Luther Decade before the 500th anniversary of Luther’s birth, is a question that has to be answered. Reformation commemoration, the Magdeburg bishop answered with a yes: "We have made considerable progress on the path of reconciliation and understanding."As a concrete example of this, he cited the ecumenical pilgrimage of 1.000 believers from Central Germany "With Luther to the Pope" to. This action had apparently even impressed Pope Francis: "In any case, I met him in the context of a short meeting on 31. October 2016 in Lund, Sweden, literally beaming at this keyword of mine."

Romy Richter and Jens Buttner

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