Care presents annual report

The aid organization CARE has called for a consistent fight against hunger. The basis must be a responsible trade policy, especially towards the poorest states, said the chairman of CARE Germany-Luxembourg, Heribert Scharrenbroich, on Tuesday in Bonn at the presentation of the annual report. It is immoral to subsidize exports from rich countries and at the same time prevent poor countries from selling their goods to industrialized nations, he criticized, referring to the World Food Summit in Rome.

In climate policy, according to Scharrenbroich, industrialized countries that obstructed a reduction of greenhouse gases must be held responsible for the resulting natural disasters. In view of the increasing number of storms and floods, CARE wants to expand its disaster preparedness assistance. In 2007 alone, there were 15 emergency aid missions under the sign of climate change, said Wolfgang Jamann, Managing Director of CARE Germany-Luxembourg.After the cyclone in Burma (Myanmar) at the beginning of May, Jamann says it proved worthwhile that CARE had already been working in the country for a long time. "So far we have 120.000 people and will create long-term prospects for twice as many people in the coming months," he said.In total, the German-Luxembourg branch of CARE used about 15 million euros for 123 projects worldwide last year. Total revenues amounted to 14.7 million euros (2006:13.7 million. Donations, fines and membership fees amounted to 3.6 million. According to the managing director, donations remained constant compared to the previous year.

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