“Bribery perpetuates poverty”

Every year, Transparency International publishes its corruption perception index. And each time the Organsiation makes clear how widespread the evil of bribery is. It also remains a problem in Germany, says Peter von Blomberg of the German section in an interview with this site. Corruption is partly responsible for entrenching poverty in society, he said.

In the interview on the report published on Tuesday, he calls on the new German government to do more to fight corruption at home and abroad. Germany remains unchanged on the 14. of 180 places. Somalia, Afghanistan and Burma bring up the rear and are therefore the most corrupt countries in the world. The lowest levels of corruption are recorded in New Zealand, Denmark and Singapore. According to UN figures, corruption causes an estimated total economic loss of 1.6 billion dollars worldwide every year.In most of the 180 countries surveyed, bribery is a widespread evil, the organization explains in its annual report. According to the German Transparency Chairwoman Sylvia Schenk, there is also a need for action in Germany; in the coalition agreement, in addition to approaches to corruption prevention, gaps are also recognizable. In the course of the economic crisis and the economic stimulus programs, there is also an increased risk of corruption. The German government must take stronger action against corruption and present a strategy. As a leading export nation, Germany also has a special global responsibility. It is therefore necessary to exert more prere on countries that refuse to fight corruption, she said.

"Only doing business with bribery"

Schenk criticized the fact that the coalition agreement does not provide for an anti-corruption register that could be used to exclude conspicuous companies from contract awards. The main problem, however, is bribery of members of parliament, for which a separate law is necessary. The organization took a positive view of the government's plans to strengthen data protection for employees. Schenk reiterated that, in addition to the government, the business community also has a role to play: "Particularly among small and medium-sized businesses, there is still often the opinion that the only way to do business in certain countries is through bribery," said the chairwoman.

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