Also oldest european

Also oldest european

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Sister Andre Randon, oldest Catholic nun in the world, turns 116 this Tuesday. She belongs to the Vincentian Sisters and has experienced ten popes in her life.

She lives in a retirement home in Toulon on the Mediterranean Sea. Since October 2017, she is also considered the oldest living French woman, and since June 2019, also the oldest European woman. However, the date of birth of Tava Colo on the French Comorian island of Mayotte is given as 22 years. December 1902 stated. After Japan’s Kane Tanaka (117), Randon is the second oldest woman in the world with a vesting age.

She was baptized at the age of 19

Born on 11. February 1904 in Ales, southern France, as Lucile Randon, Sister Andre has lived through ten popes, three French republics and the German occupation during World War II. At the age of twelve, she began working as a nanny; later she was a home school teacher. Her employers also included the Peugeot family of carmakers. She was not baptized until 1923, when she was 19 years old. In 1944, she entered the order of the Vincentian nuns in Paris as a novice.

Sister Andre has been living in a retirement home since 2009; she is blind and in a wheelchair. She has experienced numerous wars and catastrophes – and instead of her own physical difficulties, she complains above all "that people cannot live in harmony". In an interview on their 115. On her 60th birthday, she reported about her twin sister, who died in 2018: "She calls me, she pulls me. Pray for me that the good God will not make me wait too long anymore. He exaggerates!"

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