“Looking at the need of people in the surrounding area”

Reinhard Cardinal Marx © Cristian Gennari (CBA)

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has called on people to show solidarity, especially during Advent. According to Marx, a look at the need around us is something "that we can give to one another during Advent."

Referring to the situation of homeless people, the Munich archbishop said in the new episode of the "Wednesday Minutes" video series, "Look around you: where is someone who has a need? Material or who needs a word of confidence and hope. This would be something that we can give to each other during Advent."

In the short article the cardinal visits the pastoral adviser Norbert Trischler. He helps the pastor for the homeless and homeless pastoral care prepare St. Nicholas parcels for the needy in Munich. With this campaign, says Trischler, "we want to bring joy to our friends on the street, the homeless people, and give them a share in the feast of St. Nicholas, who was also there specifically for the poor".

Saint Nicholas in view

Marx refers to the many stories about the saint, who always saw the hidden need of people. He had looked where people were in need and helped them in a "quiet and kind, hidden way," he said. In this way, he said, it became tangible for many: "Someone is thinking of me, someone is sharing my need."The cardinal emphasizes that this appreciative approach has remained alive throughout the history of Christianity, for example in the pastoral care of the homeless in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising.

Marx said he was pleased about the St. Nicholas action of the city pastoral, which is a sign of appreciation for the estimated 800 homeless and about 9.000 homeless people in Munich be. The packages distributed in the process include fruit, nuts, chocolate Santa Clauses and other small goodies. Crucial in pastoral care for the homeless and houseless is "meeting people at eye level," Trischler said.

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