“In kosovo in front of nothing”

On International Migrants Day this Friday On International Migrants Day this Friday, the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Cologne recalled the fate of Kosovo refugees in Germany. Berlin is allowed to keep the 14.000 people could not be sent back, said Kai Diekelmann, head of refugee and foreign aid, in an interview with this site.

this site: Why does this deportation so often affect Kosovo Albanians??

Diekelmann: One should first distinguish and say: those who were recruited decades ago as foreign workers from the former Yugoslavia do not have to return now; as a rule, they have a permanent right of residence here or, in some cases, have even taken German citizenship. People who fled the civil war between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo in the 1990s should now return to Kosovo. Nationwide these are 14.000 people who have not been granted asylum here, because civil war is not a reason for asylum; they have only received temporary protection. The moment the situation in the country of origin has improved again and a return is reasonable, they have to go back. However, one will have to ask critically whether one can really speak of reasonableness, because some of the people have been here for 12 years and have long had their center of life here. Caritas says no, after five years of residence in Germany at the latest, the state should no longer force people to leave the country. It is clear to all experts that the Kosovar government will not take care of these people

this site: A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin had stressed in October that an agreement between Kosovo and the Federal Republic on repatriation would meet international standards. What does this mean for the Kosovo – Albanians who are obliged to leave the country and their time after their return??

Diekelmann: Politically and legally, this is not objectionable, especially after a so-called readmission agreement was concluded with Kosovo this year. It stipulates that returnees can live there with the same rights as all other Kosovars living there. What such an agreement completely ignores, however, is that of the 14.000 refugees, who are now to return about 10.000 belong to the oppressed Roma minority. They have always had it pretty bad in Kosovo.The interview was conducted by Heike Sicconi. Listen to it here in full length.


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