Difficult mission

Difficult mission

The president of the Catholic relief organization missio Munich, Wolfgang Huber, has pointed out the importance of spiritual vocations in the crisis areas of the world. "Rarely have priests and women religious been so endangered as they are today," Huber said.

"And rarely have they been so important," Huber added in Munich on Thursday. In Syria, Iraq, but also in the crisis regions of Africa, they stayed with their communities under the most difficult conditions in order to maintain hope and humanity. Church institutions are important contact points, especially in developing countries.

missio Munich strengthens this network of the church in the long term and thus stands by the people, especially in the face of violence and terror, explained the prelate. Huber made his comments with a view to the World Day of Prayer for Spiritual Vocations, which will be celebrated by the Catholic Church next Sunday.

Papal mission

missio Munich was founded in 1838 by the Bavarian King Ludwig I. and is one of the more than 100 Pontifical Mission Societies worldwide.

Today, according to its own figures, it supports more than 1 with about 12 million euros a year.000 projects in 60 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania. The focus is on education, the development of church infrastructure, equal rights for men and women, and interreligious dialogue.

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