Impulses in the corona crisis

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Help for the time at home: The Archdiocese of Cologne has provided material for religious education in the Corona crisis on its website. In addition, the Cologne Diocesan Council called a painting competition for children.

He goes as far as he can toward protestants

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Words of confidence: according to Lutheran ecumenical bishop Karl-Hinrich Manzke, the recent debate on Eucharistic hospitality between Catholics and Protestants cannot stop ecumenical rapprochements.

The German Bishops’ Conference expressed its solidarity with the people in European countries particularly affected by the Corona pandemic. In these dark hours, they stand side by side, explained the chairman, Georg Batzing.

The president of the Munich-based Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Clemens Fuest, is "disappointed" by the economic aspects of the Pope’s new encyclical "Fratelli tuttti". In an interview, he explains what he finds lacking in the Pope’s letter.

Promote, demand, control refugees

Integration law is on its way © Harald Tittel

The Federal Cabinet has launched the Federal Republic’s first integration law. It is an overall package with many regulations under the heading "Promote and demand". The regulations at a glance:

It's a matter of survival

Elephants in particular need the most protection worldwide. Government representatives, traders and environmentalists from 168 countries are discussing endangered species – which also have implications for humans – at the U.N. Conference on Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The new church and religion representative of the FDP parliamentary group, Dr. Stefan Ruppert, has in the this site interview demands – also from his own party – to abolish the church tax, clearly rejected. Ruppert: "I am a supporter of the church tax, also in the existing form and insofar there will be no initiatives in this legislative period to change that."

this site: It was not always the case that the Free Democrats looked positively on religious communities in Germany. There were times when FDP party platforms even called for the abolition of religious instruction in schools. That is different now?

Ruppert: Yes, that was a long time ago. Those were our wild 70s, so to speak. In the meantime, our relationship has become much more positive, and of course I'm happy about the process, even as a committed Christian.

Family reunion of refugees © Swen Pfortner

Aid organizations call for relaxation of family reunification for refugees. Pro Asyl pleaded to lift the suspension of family reunification for so-called subsidiary protected refugees and to speed up reunification.

After indictment of concentration camp secretary

Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site © Rolf E. Staerk (shutterstock)

The International Auschwitz Committee criticizes failures of German justice in dealing with Nazi criminals. Charges had been brought too lateand many perpetrators had been able to live unencumbered, unlike the victims.

Baptism site on the jordan river to be free of mines

Mine warning sign in the West Bank © Andrea Krogmann (KNA)

Baptism site on the jordan river to be free of mines

Jesus’ baptism site in the Jordan River near Yardenit on the Sea of Galilee © Andrea Krogmann (KNA)

This Whit Monday marks the fiftieth anniversary of the start of the Six-Day War. Since then, the baptismal site on the Jordan River is not only a Christian pilgrimage site, but also a mined area. The latter is now set to change.